Emergency Preparedness and 安全

We continue to strengthen our network of partners that strive for year-round resiliency and provide emergency preparedness and rapid response during crises.

Emergency Preparedness and 安全

西班牙&E supports and fosters strategic communication with local first responders and safety partners to develop public safety programs that encourage emergency preparedness, response and recovery planning.

  • 西班牙&E’s partnership with the American Red Cross Prepare San Diego regional resiliency initiative helps businesses and community members prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.
  • 2021年,可持续发展目标&E's SAFE San Diego giving initiative provided funding that enabled more than 400 active volunteers to protect more than 50,000 homes and structures through defensible space projects and fire safety outreach and education programs.
  • SAFE San Diego supported 114 社区 Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) from 14 programs who volunteered more than 4,000 hours for Operation Collaboration CERT Mutual Aid during the COVID-19 pandemic.


西班牙&E and 安全 Partners Help Residents Become "Red Cross Ready"

The Prepare San Diego initiative, led by the American Red Cross of San Diego and Imperial Counties and funded in part by 西班牙&E, has helped tens of thousands of vulnerable residents across the region prepare in case of home fire or wildfire.

In 2022, Prepare San Diego installed smoke alarms and taught youth how to respond to emergencies. 2021年和2022年, the initiative also distributed 15,000 Preparedness Bags and Prepare San Diego books in English and Spanish to residents in predominantly low-income neighborhoods and senior communities.